SANATIONE is Latin for healing

In 2020 this novel coronavirus has caused a world-wide pandemic.

It infected and killed millions. It forced lockdowns that brought much of the global economy to a halt, with businesses closed and jobs lost.

We have come to realize this virus is a test for humanity, a wake-up call for change.

The Filmmakers

As the virus spread, a group of filmmakers and storytellers from 22 countries did what filmmakers do. They grabbed their cameras to capture the lives and stories around them. Stories of suffering, isolation, struggle and coping. And also stories of kindness and moments of unexpected joy.

Then came the stories that rival the virus in dividing and infecting humanity: tribalism, hatred, poverty, injustice, greed and the mindless destruction of our ecosystem.

The filmmakers are determined not to let this wake-up call go unheeded. Through interviews with issue experts, indigenous people, scientists and artists, these filmmakers are also capturing a vision of what life on planet earth can become – a world of equality, justice, peace and health – for humans and nature.


SANATIONE holds up a mirror to humanity’s struggles, but also shines a beacon, lighting the way to a transformed world.


In this feature-length documentary, the SANATIONE filmmakers become the protagonists. Their efforts to find bright spots of kindness, generosity and wisdom often collide with the darkness that surrounds their own lives. Turning the cameras on their own experiences, we see them fighting for themselves and their families, but also fighting to keep the SANATIONE coalition together and bridge the differences of time zones, cultures and languages.


These first-person heart-felt stories filmed in real time as the pandemic unfolds around the world are woven together to reveal the many facets of who we human beings are and of what we are made.