IYMS: Sanatione and Wicked Wales present

Our Lives, Our Stories, Our Countries

As a global pandemic wreaked havoc on the world, eight young filmmakers came together to create films that inspire, empower and enlighten. In this collaboration between Wicked Wales and International Youth Media Summit the aim was to bring together filmmakers from Wales, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal to collaborate and support each other in the making of seven films that somehow embodied their vision of their countries.

The films all convey how rich these countries are in culture, language and heritage and the filmmakers have done a beautiful job of showing how unique and special each of their countries are. However, they have also done a beautiful job of showing how, despite our differences, we share so many more similarities. These films are a beautiful homage to the diversity of people and cultures and at the same time the commonality of the human experience.

This project was made possible with financial support from Wales Arts International and Wicked Wales Film funds. The “SANATIONE” project was made possible with financial support from UNESCO.

The Change

London, UK – 2020: A young Sri Lankan student faces the challenges of moving to a new country, starting at university, finding a job – while a global pandemic breaks loose on the world. Through trials and tribulations, he finds his footing and embarks on a journey of self-reflection and creativity.


Delhi, India – 2020: Isolation, fear and panic wreaks havoc on the streets of Delhi as a wave of Covid-19 has paralyzed the city. A young man faces his own fears in a dance with death. Where is the boundary between waking life and terrorizing sleep when the world is in chaos?

Saving Ranjana

Kathmandu, Nepal – 2020: In an increasingly globalized and digitalized world, marginalized cultures and languages are facing extinction across the planet. An inspired group of youths fight to save the ancient script Ranjana and save not only an alphabet, but a history, a culture, a memory, a people.

Cymru, Gwlad Werdd

Cymru, Wales – 2020: A lyrical journey guides us through Wales. Soft verses through the rolling hills of the countryside and the wide open fields; then a change as strong refrains march into the cities.  We witness the hearts of the Welsh youth that beat with power and courage.

Pentre Fi

Pentre Fi, Wales – 2020: At first glance it’s a small, sleepy town. But Pentre Fi is really a  home for grand vision, great artistry and impeccable craft. Its youth pay homage to their town by splashing it with color, decorating it with vision and filling its street with hopes and dreams.

Our Wales

Wales – 2020: It’s taken a pandemic for many of us to value what we have taken for granted. The youth of Wales are aware of what their homeland has to offer in terms of nature, culture, food, history, lifestyle and much more. In gratitude and generosity they share this plentitude with the world.